Why Paintless-Dent-Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair is a process that is used to remove dents out of vehicles without paint and bodywork. It is a perfect candidate for small to medium sized dents and sometimes even large dents.

Benefits over a body shop:

  • Time – repair time can take minutes to a few hours compared to a few days at a body shop
  • Convenience – most repairs can be done mobile, no need to be without your car for days
  • Quality – the value of you vehicle drops if repainted, PDR keeps the factory paint on your car
  • Price – in most cases PDR is around 1/3 rd of bodyshop prices


  • Dents that ┬áhave paint damage need to go to a bodyshop
  • Dents that are too sharp need to go to a bodyshop

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